Dockerhub : Build your image

DockerHub provides the provision to  create an automated build by providing  the Dockerfile of your image. The following steps describes how to create an automated build on DockerHub that will build a new version of your Docker image whenever there is a change in the repository in which the source-files are stored. Log in to […]

Centralized Log Management – ELK for embedded targets

Log Data Mining Challenges Logs are the first level information gathering mechanism to understanding component level interaction sequences and program flow.Complex use cases involved in the analysis will have many interactions that result in  “huge pile of trace logs” – Though logs no doubt are simplest instrumentation is seen as very useful at the same […]

RPi for Google nearby beacons

This blog covers my experimental setup using RPi3 to broadcast beacons and configure the Android devices for the detection and notification of beacons. Google Nearby Beacons is devised by Physical Web project  describe the way of associating either a URL or an app with a beacon so that people receive a notification when they come across […]

Ftrace:snoop i2c bus transactions

The data transferred by the system over the i2c bus (and smbus) can be snooped using the kernel’s FTRACE facility. To use this, the following kernel options need to be enabled: CONFIG_FTRACE CONFIG_ENABLE_DEFAULT_TRACERS i2c tracing can then be enabled by: echo 1 >/sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/i2c/enable Note that this will, by default, trace the traffic through all i2c […]